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Misha Collins being a lil shit at Creativity is Magic Panel at SDCC (x)

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You would think that Andrew Jackson was giving you his undivided attention, and then you would glance over and notice that he had devoted the last several minutes to making a laborious sketch of an alligator.

“Mr. President!” you would gasp, indignantly.

“I have a bullet lodged inside my body,” he would say. “From killing a man in a duel. A better man than you.” He would resume drawing the alligator.

-On Presidential Doodlers

Said alligator:


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"i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"


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Hallucifer in 7.17 The Born-Again Identity

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this is my favorite thing of the day

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Happy 31th Birthday Jared Padalecki (July 19, 1982)

You’re a good person, good actor, good husband and good dad..  You're the best at everything.. You always smile and be happy
because you deserve it.. I love you.. WE love you..
And you should know that we will always be with you and support you..

Happy Birthday and happy life with your family (and us)..

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inspired by (x)

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On set pic spam 23/40   *can’t look away*

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